Photography Classes for Beginners
Welcome to Your DSLR, a 4-week photography course for beginners and intermediate users that will help you master your DSLR.
To get the most out of your DSLR you need two things:
1) A good understanding of how your DSLR works and all the options available on it
2) A good understanding of the basics of photography
The course consists of 4 hands-on classroom sessions of 2 hours each, spread out over 4 weeks.
To reinforce the learning in each session, we will have homework assignments that will make you use the skills you have acquired. Reviewing these assignments will help us plug any gaps in your understanding or execution.
We will simultaneously learn the basics of photography and see how they apply to the options available on your camera. Every session will be hands-on, allowing you to practically experience what you are learning.
These sessions are highly recommended if you:
- have just bought a DSLR and are eager to get started
- have a DSLR, but don't use it too much
- use only the automatic mode on your DSLR
- use your DSLR, but want to take better pictures under different conditions, whether it is at a party, in a restaurant with your friends or at home with family and kids
Batch 6 starts on Sunday, 11 March 2018, 10AM to 12 noon.
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