Here is an installation I did with six canvases

Here are the pictures with descriptions, starting from top left
Parakeet (Top Left)
A rose-ringed parakeet watches for intruders at its newly-chosen nesting spot in the mouth of a terracotta yali (a mythical creature that is usually found guarding temples in South India).
Tamil Nadu, 2017
Devotion (Middle Left)
A devotee offers prayers to one of the numerous gods in the niches of the Airavateswarar temple in Darasuram.
Tamil Nadu, January 2017
Family Picture (Bottom Left)
Pilgrims pose for a family portrait at the Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur.
Tamil Nadu, January 2017
Colours of Antiquity (Centre)
A bewildering variety of colourful figures decorate the steeple of the Sarangapani temple in Kumbakonam, as they do most South Indian temples. Not surprisingly, each of them has a tale to tell, and a reason for being where they are. Surprisingly, the colours we see today are pretty much the same from antiquity. While the paints used today are modern, as opposed to the natural pigments that were originally used, the colours are guided by the same strict codes that govern temple architecture.
Tamil Nadu, 2017
Circumambulation (Top Right)
Devotees on the ground as well as pigeons in the sky circumambulate the thousand-year-old Brihadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur. This juxtaposition contrasts the purposeful and intentional nature of the actions of the devotees with the instinctive actions of the birds. Also at play are the relative permanence of the actors - the fleeting lives of the birds against the long lives of the humans, which are themselves insignificant next to the age of the temple.
Tamil Nadu, 2017
Temple Parakeet (Bottom Right)
The rose ringed parakeet is a common inhabitant of the many cubbyholes provided by the complex designs of temples all over India. The bare stone pillars and buildings provide a dramatic background to this colourful bird and its noisy social life. The evening sun casts a golden glow upon a parakeet as it surveys its surroundings at an ancient temple.
Tamil Nadu, 2017
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